July 23, 2024
 Client Testimonials
My experience at Angel house was great it made me feel safe an relaxed! The staff are very warm hearted an helpful. I might not even been a mother right now if it wnt 4 angel house's opened arms love and support!! Thank u so much everybody!!! ♥ -Cherokee S.
Angel house maternity home is a place were they take and help young and older women who are pregnant It is a very nice place that show you motherhood and also how to amaintain your home and teach you about STD , HIV I learned alot from talkin wit the staff members iT mad me feel at home. I love angel house and the people who made it what it is ! -Ha'Nya C.
Hello, everyone as you know Angel house maternity home is a home for homeless pregnant women...and my experience with them was really good...actually it was a eye opener for me....i came to them with nothing but my wants and needs and left with something that i did need... they have there priorities in order for all the girls there they just need the girls to meet them half way in order for us to be helped....lets just say i was never ever hungry there i had my own bed they made feel very comfortable there im happy i chose to go to them...I LOVE YOU KRISHA,KANDICE,MS.NIETA,MS.KIM,MS.ANGELA,AND MS.CHERYL......SEE YOU GUYS ON WED..  -Lynn G.
Ive been in Angel House since Dec of 2008 and I loved it theres great people there to take care of you and help you with what you need to do before you have your BABY but you have to help yourself to if i was to have another baby this is where i would be Thank You Angel House Staff For What You Have Done For Me Donna -Donna P.
My experience at Angel House was amazing!The whole crew was always there guiding me through everything! they helped me get into school..be more independent and they are(in my heart)my family also because not a day went by that i didnt feel cared about..they all have such wonderful hearts! hahahaha and they always made me laugh! thank you staff of angel house(you know who you are)for everything!    -Aisling B.