July 23, 2024
Admission Information


 Admission Process:


    Assessment Interview 

    The first contact is usually made by phone. The caller will be asked questions about the woman who is being referred. The shared information will help the agency determine if Angel House is a good match for the client.

    Site Visits 

    A site visit is optional. The potential resident will be asked to give some basic information about herself. This gives the potential client an opportunity to ask questions and take a      tour of the facility.

    Admission Procedure                                                                                                  

    Admissions are usually made Monday - Thursday between the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00pm and Friday 10:00 am to 1pm. An admission date and time is determined by agreement between Angel House Staff, the client and/ or legal guardian (if under 18) and the cooperating agencies who may be directly involved in the client's placement at Angel House.

    The legal guardian of any client under the age of 18 must be present for the admission   process or make arrangements to complete paperwork prior to admission. At the time of admission, agreements and contracts will be signed. Clients receive a Statement of Client Rights and an information packet about Angel House. Clients are required to bring certain items with them for their stay at Angel House. To view our Check List, please click here.

    Financial Requirements for Admission 

    At the time of the client's admission to Angel House Maternity Home a contractual agreement which outlines financial responsibilities must be agreed upon and signed by the client, or legal guardian if client is a minor. This includes a DSS staff member if client is in DSS custody.

    Residents of North Carolina can apply for the State Maternity Fund through their local county Dept. of Social Service or through any NC State Licensed Adoption Agency.

    All clients must have insurance. Insurance effective dates will be checked and update   monthly. All Clients without private insurance must apply for Medicaid and have a current Medicaid card each month. Prenatal Care will be provided at an OB/GYN Clinic or  Health Department. Hospital care will be provided at either Presbyterian Hospital or  Carolina Medical Center which ever client prefer.


    To download and complete an online pre-assessment  for Angel House Maternity Home please click here