July 23, 2024
About Us

The Angel House program serves its clients in a structured living environment with emphasis on developing inde­pendent living skills, social skills and self-sufficiency. These services are provided to significantly reduce the many risks associated with single pregnancy for both mother and child. These services empower expectant mothers by focusing on early childhood development, attachment issues, prevention of neglect and abuse, and parenting skills. Angel House is also designed to offer in­formation regarding adoption services without pressure or influence.

We are pleased to inform you that our Angel House Mater­nity Home is a fully furnished home capable of housing six women throughout their pregnancy.

We offer case management and provide need assessments upon arrival, our goal is to help pregnant adolescent and adult women in crisis realize their dreams. By providing safe housing, education, comprehensive health care, per­sonal growth, and counseling. Angel House will provide a humane environment, in order to help enhance the self-image of its clients and to preserve their dignity.
Meet our Founder

   A native of Chicago, Illinois, N. Angela Williams is the Executive Director of Angel House Maternity Home. With thirteen years of experience in a demanding medical environment, ten years of experience in financial management, and over eight years of experience in a non-profit executive leadership role, and a teen mother herself, Ms. Williams is always seeking to better assist the clients that Angel House Maternity Home serves. Her ability to make decisions, to set and meet goals, and to drive a non-profit business efficiently with limited resources are central to her clients' success within the maternity home. 
   After moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, she witnessed a homeless pregnant woman on the street holding a sign that read "Homeless and Pregnant- please help." This reminded her of her own struggles and upon witnessing how teenage pregnancy could negatively affect young women's self-esteem and hope for the future, she felt a need to assist by showing them there is always opportunity in growth and sucess in life, regardlesss of one's circumstances. She purchased a home in 2005 and eventually secured the money she needed to start Angelhouse Maternity Home- a realization of Ms. Williams' aspiration to help pregnant women in crisis. The young women learn tools necessary to achieve greater self sufficiency. Individuals served by the organization include both those who intend to raise their child after giving birth and those who opt for adoption placement.
   Ms. Williams believes that education, counseling, hard work, and community resources are necessary for her clients to thrive. Ms. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fayetteville State University and Master of Science degree from Central Michigan University in Health Care Administration. 

Teaching our clients the conditions needed and the tools available to successfully nurture the planted seed.