July 23, 2024

Job Description



TITLE:                      House Mother

PROGRAM:             Angel House

SALARY:                 $100/day - $165/day

STATUS:                  Professional Service Staff/ Salary

SCHEDULE:            7 days on 7 days off  (live-in while on duty only)

SUPERVISOR:        Program Manager



The House Mother is  responsible for maintaining order in the home. She’s responsible for conducting client supervision and crisis counseling, phone coverage, including answering and responding to incoming crisis (for maternity home residents and/or potential clients), business, informational, and referral calls. The House Mother is a teacher, role model, advocate, and listener while coordinating the clients’ medical, nutritional, fitness and prenatal services. She must work in conjunction with the social work staff to organize treatment goals focusing on clients’ medical, social, vocational, educational and therapeutic needs. The House Mother is responsible for providing primary house coverage by making sure house rules and guidelines are followed.   In addition, she is responsible for attending staff meetings, client reviews, supervision, trainings, etc.  Other responsibilities include meal preparation, housekeeping and minor facility maintenance.


The House Mother will support residents and assist with problem solving, anger management, goal setting and family counseling.


  1. Responsibility for keeping the house safe, healthy and well ordered:
  2. Knowledge of safety and emergency procedures;
  3. Participate in daily client and weekly client reviews, weekly staff meetings, business meetings,  other agency related meetings as directed by Management.
  4. Perform other duties related to this position, as directed by the Program Manager.


High School Diploma or equivalent with a .minimum of three years experience working with adolescents in a residential setting.